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Unfortunately I m one of those people that were abused by Bruno Air. Bruno left my house the other day basically telling me sorry, we re not gonna give you cold AC until you agree to pay $10,000 for new AC ducts!! I have a 3 month old baby and no AC and this is what these people tell me?!?! Ugh! After telling them to F off, I put in a request through Home Advisor and got several calls. This one, from Temperature Patrol was the first to respond. He was here within 2 hours!! I believe his name was Jeremy. He was so knowledgeable and explained everything he found & what needed to be done. In no way shape or form did I feel like I was being sold. I actually felt relief!! Jeremy was able to get us cold AC (which Bruno assured me couldn t be done unless I got new AC ducts) and was done in less than 2-1/2 hours! We were so happy!! I am so thankful that we finally found someone we could trust and wasn’t in this business just to try to make a sale and a quick buck. So, thank you Jeremy for all you did and we truly appreciate what you did for us! My little 3 month old slept great last night thanks to you!!