“I should have checked that first”

Before You invite us over, look over this AC checklist.

  • Thermostat – batteries – set for cool – set below room temp – fan set to “auto”
  • Thermostat – batteries – set for heat – set above room temp – fan set to “auto”
  • Breakers – could be 2 sets of them – unsure invite us over we are here to help
  • Filters – Clean –  Any questions see “filters” on our home page.
  • Drain Line – unsure invite us over we are here to help.

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ac checklist

Why Temperature Patrol Should Be Your First Call After The AC Checklist.

We have earned our reputation as the area’s best residential air conditioning repair company by providing fast, dependable service to our customers. Our goal is to fix your air conditioner right the first time and on time. Temperature Patrol will not try to sell you a new system…EVER. Therefore we focus on fixing your existing unit. This can mean a savings of thousands of dollars by extending the life of your current system. Delaying or avoiding replacement all together! We focus on keeping our technicians highly trained and on making sure we exceed your expectations.

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