Home Air Conditioning Filters

Do we have Home Air Conditioning Filters?


When is the last time I checked my home air conditioning filters?

Why is my house so dusty and my filters are not?
Do I even have filters?
What is the best filters I can use?
Where are my filters?

What is on my filters?
Do my filters even work?
What size filters do I need?

Filter confusion, or just a filter question?
Remember, every house is different on the inside, so Your next door neighbors’ filters might not be what Your house needs.
Don’t worry. We can help You. We might even come over to help You solve that filter mystery, or recommend the best solution for Your filter needs.

We ♥︎ Filters
  Your Home Air Conditioning Filters Solution HotLine

Need Help or Service on Your Home Air Conditioner?

Your Comfort IS our Emergency!

What You Can Expect From Us

When you schedule an appointment with Temperature Patrol, you can expect the following:

  • A trained HVAC technician will arrive in a fully stocked truck, wearing a clean uniform, and mask.
  • Our technician will perform a complete system diagnosis to evaluate your system including your home air conditioning filters
  • Then he will explain to you what was found and offer repair options
  • We will share the EXACT cost upfront, you will know exactly what the repair will cost you (no surprises)
  • Since we will not try to sell you a new system…EVER, our goal is to get your ac system running efficiently, not trying to sell you a new unit.