HVAC UV Lights, Do They Really Work? Worth The Investment?

When you think about the possibility of mold and bacteria growing and multiplying in your HVAC system and then being circulated back into your home is pretty disgusting. We all want clean homes and we expect the air we breathe in our homes to be clean. Those who already have breathing issues such as asthma and C.O.P.D. can be at even greater risk. So what options are available to help keep the air in your home clean? A HVAC UV light might be the right upgrade for you. We will be honest here, you might wonder why everyone doesn’t have one installed after reading this article. Here are some facts to consider regarding the use of UV light and their effectiveness. 

Do UV Lights Actually Kill Bacteria, Viruses and Mold?

Temp-Patrol-PopUp-UV-Light-No-PriceWith COVID-19 and Coronavirus all over the news in 2020, everyone is looking for a way to clean effectively. Pictures of light wands, robots on planes with UV lights and hospitals might make you wonder if it works. The study of UV lights in the use of disinfecting and killing germs and virus goes back over 100 years. So how can light, kill a virus without touching it? Simply put the UV light disrupts the DNA of germs and kills them. If you want to read a little more, there is an interesting quick read from Duke University on using UV light to disinfect.

So the answer is yes it does work in killing germs. No one will guarantee 100% effectiveness, or that this will fix all your air concerns at your home. If you still have large particulars in the air, such as pollen, pet dander and hair,  these will still pass through and go into your house. This is where the proper filter and regular changing of the AC filters make a difference. You might have seen in the news that some methods of killing germs isn’t effective against coronavirus. So will a HVAC UV light installed in your unit protect you?

Will a HVAC UV Light Kill Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Yes it will kill Coronavirus (COVID-19). The CDC will not say this is the perfect way to kill the virus. Why? Because it’s only 99% effective, the CDC and other agencies don’t want to offer a guarantee. However, they all agree that the use of UV light in disinfecting and killing the Coronavirus is very effective. When you think about it, using a bleach solution of water to kill virus on surfaces around your house is also not 100% effective. Why? Again there are variables in surface texture and even the way it’s applied that could change the effectiveness. 

Your Options For HVAC UV Lights

We have installed lots of HVAC UV Lights in 2020. Most people we talk to feel the same way. If it helps, why not install one. COVID-19 is just one of the viruses it kills. Other common germs including the common cold, flu and even cooking smells can be greatly reduced. So you might be wondering is there a different types of UV lights for different uses? If so, which one do you install.

There are 2 different HVAC UV Light options. While doing research you may notice these UV lights are listed with different names. Sometimes they are referred as germicidal lights, sanitizing lights, purifying lights and even sterilization lights. They all work on the same principal. Just like any light build, the type of light and intensity can vary depending on the intended usage.

Air Sanitizing Light

hvac uv lightThis type of HVAC UV light is installed in the ductwork bringing return air to the system. The purpose is to kill airborne germs and mold in the air as it passes into the AC unit. Stick and U-shaped lamps are used by various manufacturers.

Some air germicidal HVAC lights are coordinated with the blower motor to turn on and off as it does. These must be hardwired with the system, so professional installation from the experts at Temperature Patrol is recommended. Definitely not a do it yourself project.

Coil Sanitizing Lights

If you have central air conditioning, then you have an indoor coil. Unfortunately this is a prime location for the development of mold and bacteria. Why?

Because the coil is used to condense moisture from the air to dehumidify your home during AC cycles. As air passes over the coil, dirt, pet dander and other debris stick to its wet surface. This combination creates the perfect setting for the growth of mold and bacteria which can be spread through your home in the passing air.

Coil UV lights are the most common HVAC sterilizing lights. Single-lamp and dual-lamp models are produced. Coil sterilization lights are installed where they can shine directly onto the surface of the coil, and they are left on continuously.

How To Get Yours Installed Today

Give us a call or complete our online request by clicking on a button below. We will give you the price for your unit. Next we will schedule a day for us to install your HVAC UV light. Don’t worry, we will wear a mask and proper personal protection equipment (PPE) to protect our technician and you our valued customer. Installation takes approximately 1 hour. We look forward to talking with you and helping to protect your family during these uncertain times.

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