Be Aware of AC Scare Tactics

“I cannot believe that just happened”

AC Scare Tactic = A word or phrase intended to scare a homeowner into buying a new AC

AC Scare Tactics - Repair Dont ReplaceWe’ve heard just about every “Scare Tactic” from the mister doctor cool book used by licensed or unlicensed to chill AC technicians all along the gulf shore in all four SW Florida seasons. These tactics are intended to “Scare” You into replacing Your quality comfort AC system asap or at least getting their highly advanced salesperson over in one hour so he/she can try to sell you a new one.

Actually if You are really fortunate, the owners themselves might be right over to treat you like an executive and sell You their favorite ultimate home AC system.

If You feel unsure.

If You feel pressured.

If You feel unsure and pressured.

If You feel the tech/salesperson is feeling unsure and pressured (or their wranglers are too tight making you both feel uncomfortable, unsure and pressured).

If they are not making You feel first class.

Or You just don’t trust the best home services they are providing…

Give us a call. We are here to Help.

Also if You hear a “scare tactic” that is not on our list…

Give us a call (we like to be hip on all the latest) and we will add it to the list.                 

Btw Do Not get bruno’d in Your own home.

Get a 2nd opinion or 3rd…


Have You Been Told Your AC Needs Replaced?

Get a second opinion, and perhaps all you need is a repair!

The AC Scare Tactic List

  • “Not gonna last”
  • “Parts not available”
  • “Not supposed to last”
  • “Its old”
  • “Do Not Turn It On”
  • “Do Not Turn It Off”
  • “It doesn’t look good”
  • “Rust”
  • “R22”
  • “No longer available”
  • “I have some bad news”
  • “Crushed”
  • “Its too hot out to wait”
  • “Extinct”
  • “Unsafe to operate”
  • “Mold”
  • “Past Its Life Expectancy”
  • “Its bad”
  • “Its real bad”
  • “Its really bad”
  • “Its really real bad”
  • “Unable to repair”
  • “Not under warranty”
  • “Oh no”
  • “I’m so sorry to tell you this”
  • “Cheaper to buy a new one”
  • “No longer efficient”
  • “Repair costs are much more than the cost of new one”
  • “Don’t touch it, it might not come back on”
  • “This unit is only supposed to last blah years”
  • “Copper, they are aluminum now”.
  • “There is nothing else I can do”

Need Help, Service on Your Home Air Conditioner?

Your Comfort IS our Emergency!

At Temperature Patrol Air Conditioning We WILL NOT use any Scare Tactic.